This is my antisearch page. I try to keep links here that are hard to find because of SEO or de-indexing

Cool or otherwise unsorted websites

Anna’s blog - blog from the owners of annas-archive, the successor to zlib and libgen - cool enough that verizon blocks it

Old websites

Internet Explorer is evil

mozilla kicks ass - i wonder who’s hosting this? interesting to look through

Experiences/games - fly around as little space guy. one of my favorite websites of all time


Tech independence - self hosting cloud storage, contact, calender and email

Run your own social - guide for setting up a small fedi instance for your friends


Lupe Fiasco presents “Rap Theory & Practice: an Introduction”

Professor Skye’s Record Review

The Right-Wing War on Education

Dirty Girls

Nerd stuff

The cursed computer iceberg - one of those iceberg memes but it actually has context this time


Web 1.0

How to save a complete copy of a website

gifcities - gifs from geocities websites

Web badges world

88x31 gifs - more badges

Capstasher badges - even more badges, claims to be the largest archive

Yesterweb badges - modern badges

Neonaut’s badges - so many badges

Netscape badges

Cameron’s world - old geocities pages, some of the text and images have links

wiby - search engine for the small web - microblogging on one big timeline

Internet history

archiveteam - archives most popular websites

archiveteam warrior - croudsourced archiving, like folding@home

oldavista - old websites from the internet archive and</p> - text files from early BBSs


Blog posts that are insightful enough to get their own spot here

what is the web revival?

Tools - domain hack generator

News - aggregator, like a cross between hacker news and old reddit, currently in invite-only alpha, but you can still read posts (or contact me if you want an invite)

lobsters - similar in style to, with a stronger focus on tech


kagi smallweb - random blog post from a smallweb site

tildegit - gitea instance for the tildeverse. needs an email address from one of the approved domains to sign up - list of tildeverses and some history behind them

Silly novelty websites - guide to spam-like products. click on the pictures.



Random wikipedia page

Similar pages bookmarks

CAPCOM Aggregator (Gemini)

memetic apiopage
run a snowflake proxy in your browser
  1. turn on the switch next to "enabled" below to turn snowflake on and become a snowflake proxy volunteer.
  2. keep this page open to continue to be a snowflake proxy volunteer. close it to stop being one. come back to start being one again.
  3. if it says "cookies are not enabled.", open and follow the same instructions as above but on said page.