Every album I've listened to since 11/14/2023

GUTS (spilled) - Olivia Rodrigo

Date listened: April 11th
Review: 9/10, best pop artist of all time

DS2 - Future

Date listened: March 18th
Review: 8.5/10

Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death - Dead Kennedys

Date listened: February 28th
Review: 7/10. Gets mid towards the end

Everybody Can't Go - Benny the Butcher

Date listened: February 10th
Review: 6/10. Incredibly mid with some decent songs sprinkled throughout.

american dream - 21 Savage

Date listened: January 6th
Review: 7/10. Starts off 9/10 but gets pretty forgettable towards the middle. Also he pronounces "gif" like "jif" on "just like me"

Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes

Date listened: January 6th
Review: 9/10

Flockaveli - Waka Flocka Flame

Date listened: January 5th
Review: 9.5/10

BlackBolshevik - Ghais Guevara

Date listened: January 2nd
Review: 7.5/10

Hell Hath No Fury - Clipse

Date listened: December 25th
Review: 10/10, not a great christmas album but whatever it's awesome

Quebec - Ween

Date listened: December 18th
Review: 2/10, might be the most boring band of all time

Brand New Eyes - Paramore

Date listened: December 15th
Review: 7/10, dumb teen rock at it's finest

Paramore - Paramore

Date listened: December 13th
Review: 8/10, I came into this fully expecting to hate it but it actually turned out to be pretty good


Date listened: December 11th
Review: 10/10, pretty cool hearing it backwards

Playboi Carti - Playboi Carti

Date listened: December 8th
Review: 10/10, Carti's best album

Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Eminem

Date listened: December 8th
Review: 7/10, he should've retired after this. Last decent Eminem album but you can still notice the decline

Romantic - Mannequin Pussy

Date listened: December 4th
Review: 8/10, cool album, listened to it after hearing their new single. Their newer albums are so lame and boring

Savage Mode II - 21 Savage

Date listened: December 3rd
Review: 7/10, pretty cool production

uknowhatimsayin¿ - Danny Brown

Date listened: December 1st
Review: 10/10, my favorite from him

Bear Market - Mom Jeans.

Date listened: November 29th
Review: 6/10, this is like a greatest hits compilation album except they re-performed each song and it's always worse than the original

fishmonger - underscores

Date listened: November 25th
Review: 6.5/10, not entirely bad but a bit... derivative? This one didn't do much for me and it ended up being a bit boring

4NEM - Chief Keef

Date listened: November 24th
Review: 7.5/10, greatest artist of all time

Zach Bryan - Zach Bryan

Date listened: November 19th
Review: 8/10, this might be the first modern country album that's actually good? He's got a really unique sound and I'm excited to see country finally have some real emotion out of the constant pandering from recent years

Modal Soul - Nujabes

Date listened: November 19th
Review: 9/10, absolutely beautiful

Die for My Bitch - Baby Keem

Date listened: November 19th
Favorite track: Orange Soda
Review: 7/10, huge improvement from his previous project. There's still a couple flops here but it's memorable and fun

Hearts and Darts - Baby Keem

Date listened: November 18th
Favorite track: Baby Keem
Review: 5/10, not much to say. Not entirely bad but deeply forgettable

Daytona - Pusha T

Date listened: November 17th
Review: 9/10, by far Push’s best work and a quick album to listen to

Wallsocket - underscores

Date listened: November 16th
Favorite tracks: Johnny johnny johnny, Old money bitch
Review: 10/10. On my first listen I gave this album a 6/10. I also couldn't stop thinking about it. Revisited it and honestly I think it's quite close to my top 10. Also look at this tweet

Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys (2022 mix)

Date listened: November 16th
Review: 8/10, I’m not going to pretend like I can hear any difference in the new mixing but I like the new cover more

Miseducation - Lauryn Hill

Date listened: November 15th
Review: 10/10, I adore this album so much

Spritual Cramp - Spiritual Cramp

Date listened: November 14th
Review: 7/10, we WILL be stealing from parties